Gluten-Free Candy For Easter Eggs

Jellybeans and candy

For kids who need to follow a gluten-free diet, any holiday involving food or candy can get stressful. If you know you’ll be hosting children that need gluten-free candy, or you are just looking for safe, all-inclusive candies,  N.E.T. Egg has a list of popular gluten-free candies.

What Is Gluten?

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye. Gluten helps hold food together and keep its shape. For individuals with celiac disease, gluten causes an immune system response that makes them sick, so foods with gluten must be completely avoided. Some digestive disorders also cause issues with gluten as well, and the person may lack the enzymes needed to break down gluten after eating it, causing digestive distress.


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How Do I Tell If a Candy Has Gluten?

The best way to see if a candy contains gluten is to read the ingredients on the label. If the candy includes wheat, barley, or rye, it is not gluten-free. Candies that have cookie bits or wafers are generally not gluten-free.


Gluten can hide in some tricky places, however. If an ingredient is called “modified food starch,” it can be wheat-based unless it is specified that it is corn or rice-based. Luckily, many manufacturers are now marking their labels with “gluten-free” if they are, saving you the frustration of reading through every ingredient.


Another thing to look out for is a list of common allergens on the label. If it says “wheat” as a common allergen, the candy could contain gluten.

Best Gluten-Free Candy for Easter Eggs

Luckily, there are many gluten-free candies that can easily fit inside a plastic Easter egg. 


Some favorites include:


  • JellyBelly Jelly Beans
  • Tootsie Rolls
  • Smarties
  • Double Bubble Gum
  • Sour Patch Kids
  • Swedish Fish
  • Welch’s Fruit Snacks
  • Saf-T-Pops
  • Laffy Taffy
  • Fun Dip
  • Dum-Dum Suckers
  • Skittles
  • Starbursts
  • Peeps (most regular flavors)


N.E.T. Egg offers pre-filled candy eggs with either Tootsie Rolls or Smarties inside, so all the candy we use is considered gluten-free. You should still always check labels or view updated allergen information, as manufacturers can change ingredients at any time. We cannot guarantee any of the candies listed will remain gluten-free at some point in the future.


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Candy-Filled Eggs From N.E.T. Egg

At N.E.T. Egg, we sell pre-filled Easter eggs filled with candy or toys, as well as bulk empty plastic eggs. Contact N.E.T. Egg online or call toll-free 1-800-458-4116 for more information. We offer free shipping on all orders in the continental United States.

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