Why You Should Purchase Pre-Stuffed Eggs from N.E.T. Egg

Plastic Easter eggs lying on the grass

If you are looking for a place to purchase pre-stuffed eggs for an Easter egg hunt or Easter baskets, look no further than N.E.T. Egg. N.E.T. Egg provides pre-stuffed candy-filled eggs, pre-stuffed toy-filled eggs, and empty plastic eggs that you can buy in bulk.

But why should you buy pre-stuffed eggs from N.E.T. Egg as opposed to another online source? Let us explain. 

Filled Locally Through Sheltered Workshops

N.E.T. Egg’s pre-filled candy and toy eggs are filled by hand locally by workers in Sheltered Workshop programs. Sheltered Workshops provide safe and empowering employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities by allowing them to work in an environment that works with their needs.

N.E.T. Egg contracts with several different Sheltered Workshops, and these individuals work throughout the year to bring you eggs that are pre-filled and ready for your Easter egg hunt. There are approximately 140 workers who work year-round on our eggs. When buying from N.E.T. Egg, you support these workers and their endeavors.

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Our Eggs Are Molded in the U.S.

All the plastic eggs we use are molded in the U.S. Our eggs are made of certified virgin material, lead-free and FDA-approved, and can be recycled! If you are looking to source pre-stuffed plastic eggs that are U.S.-made and filled, look no further than N.E.T. Egg.

Convenient for You

Let us do the tedious work. Planning large-scale Easter egg hunts or parties is stressful enough, but filling the plastic eggs yourself takes additional time and energy. Buying pre-stuffed plastic eggs can shorten your prep time and help your Easter egg hunt run smoothly.

All you have to do is order, and pre-stuffed plastic eggs filled with either candy or toys will be delivered to your door, ready to hide. We offer free shipping on all orders in the continental U.S.

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Pre-Stuffed Plastic Eggs From N.E.T. Egg

Do you have questions about our products? Contact N.E.T. Egg online or call toll-free 1-800-458-4116 for more information. We offer free shipping on all orders in the continental U.S.

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