Creative Places to Hold an Easter Egg Hunt

Kids running to find eggs during an Easter egg hunt

Hosting an Easter egg hunt is a basketful of fun, but it can seem repetitive to do it in the same place year after year. You start running out of new hiding spots and older kids might remember the tough ones from last year.


N.E.T. Egg has some ideas for creative Easter egg hunt locations that are guaranteed to be fun and make great memories for years to come.

The Zoo

A local zoo is a place where you would need permission to host an event and access certain areas. But it would be a hit! You hide eggs in walking areas or near exhibits where children would have a blast both looking for eggs and learning about animals. 


Talk to your local zoo to find out if it can host events like this, and maybe tie it in with a zoo tour afterward.


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Fire Station

Many fire stations have free or low-cost party areas and love to show off the fire trucks afterward. Contact them to find out if an Easter egg hunt there would be a possibility, even if it was just in the parking lot. Young kids are always a fan of rescue vehicles.

Public Park

Having an Easter egg hunt at a local public park is a great option when the weather is nice. There are plenty of outdoor hiding places, and playground equipment can be used for the hunt as well. Kids will love climbing the playground and uncovering eggs at the same time.


Paintball Park

What could be more exciting than finding Easter eggs during a game of paintball? This would be a great idea for older kids who feel like they have outgrown a “traditional” hunt. You could even make it more competitive by giving each team a different color of eggs or having a golden egg for one of the teams to find.


Beach or Lake

If you are close enough to the beach or a lake, it offers a fun way to celebrate Easter. Kids will love putting those sand shovels to work digging up eggs in an Easter egg hunt along the beach. An ocean-side or lakeside hunt can host quite a few people and can be followed up with sunbathing and splashing.


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Plastic Easter Eggs For Your Easter Egg Hunt

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