What Should You Hide in Easter Eggs for Toddlers?

Colorful Easter eggs in Easter basket

Toddlers are a notoriously difficult group to appease. They want to do everything the big kids do but aren’t quite there yet. However, Easter egg hunting is like a giant game of hide-and-seek, and toddlers love to get in on the action.

N.E.T. Egg has some great ideas for what to hide in Easter eggs for toddlers that are big enough to keep them out of their mouths and safe.

Finger Puppets

Rubber finger puppets have been very popular with kids lately, making them fairly easy to find. These make great Easter eggs for toddlers because they will absolutely love discovering them inside.

You may be able to find Easter-themed packs of them in your local store in the Easter aisle. If you can’t find Easter ones, you can find animal-shaped ones as well as Disney characters. If you have trouble finding some, check the bathtime section because they make great toys for bath play.

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Rubber Ducks

Rubber ducks are fun and can be used as bathtime toys as well. You may be able to find holiday-themed ones. If you can’t see Easter one, there could be a good selection of them in toddler bath toys. Any squishy bath toys made for that age group will work as long as they fit in the egg. Bath toys work great because they are thick plastic or rubber, can’t be chewed up, and don’t have small parts that could break off. 

Soft Plush Toys

Smaller, Easter-themed stuffed animals would be great egg stuffers as long as they can fit inside the egg. If you look down the Easter aisle you may be able to find small stuffed bunnies or chicks. 


Stickers are always a hit with that age group. You can buy sheets of Easter stickers and cut them up to fit, or you may be able to find some specifically cut to be stuffed in eggs. Be sure before choosing stickers that you show your child how to stick them on paper, and don’t choose any that could seem like a choking hazard.

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If you are trying to avoid your toddler having candy you can always use toddler-friendly snacks like packets of fruit snacks, pretzels, crackers, cookies, or Goldfish crackers. You can even use your toddler’s favorite dried cereal!

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