Candy, Toys, Money? What’s the Best Fill for Plastic Easter Eggs?

Plastic Easter eggs with Toys

The Easter season is a joyous occasion. As a parent, it can be so much fun to fill the plastic Easter eggs with all sorts of treats that kids will love to open when the hunt is over. But what is appropriate for different age kids and what is out there that will keep them surprised? N.E.T. Egg explores the options in today’s blog. 

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Older Kids 

Older kids can be tough to keep involved and get excited about things like plastic Easter eggs and Easter egg hunts. But we never back down from a good challenge. Here are some egg-cellent ideas from our top experts.

  • Money. Who doesn’t love money? Kids who have not joined the workforce yet would be overjoyed to have some cash to spend at their favorite store. This is also a good time to teach them about money management and saving. 
  • Gift cards. Have your kids been asking for something but it comes with a pretty big price tag? Now is the time to help them save for that must-have they can’t live without. Let those gift cards pile up until they have enough for a purchase. This creates anticipation as they watch their money grow.
  • Coupons. If you run a tight ship, then coupons to get out of doing the dishes or folding the laundry, or minutes on the cell phone or computer can be great ways to give kids a break that feels more like a treat. 
  • Cell phone minutes. If your child is on a prepaid plan, then giving them a card with added minutes on it can be a huge gift. 
  • Fun socks. Who doesn’t love fun, colorful socks with their favorite characters on them? A plastic egg is the perfect container for a perky pair. 
  • Cosmetics. If you have a middle-school diva, then lip glosses, eye shadows and other cosmetics and personal care items are perfect. Don’t forget hair care products, too, like fun ponytail holders, bobby pins and bows. 
  • Thumb drives. Got a techy down the hall? If they need thumb drives to carry all their important stuff from one device to another, this is great. Write a personal message on it that will make them smile every time they use it. 

Younger Kids 

Money, toys, candy? If you’re hosting an Easter egg hunt this year, be sure you know the ages of all the kids. Hard candy, small toys and coins can be a choking hazard waiting to happen. If you’re going to have multiple ages, we recommend sticking to one thing that will make them all happy. If this isn’t an option, then either divide the eggs by age and color (ie: pink from 1-4 years old; red 5-6 years, and blue for 7-9 years old) or have different hunts. 

1-4 years old. Fruit snacks, goldfish crackers, raisins, and other finger foods are great ways to fill an egg while treating them on the holiday. 

5-6 years old. Children by this age are putting less in their mouths. Cars, play-dough and gummy bears are great examples of fun fillers for plastic eggs that are safe and non-toxic.

7-9 years old. There are some great toys out there that have very tiny pieces that would fit perfectly in plastic eggs like My Little Pet Shop, Totally Tiny Sweet Treat Cafe, and Mashems. These mini must-haves are great replacements for the little kids’ eggs. 

10-12 years old. Backpack pins, stickers, temporary tattoos, chapstick and candy are all great fillers for this age. And don’t forget money. By this age, they have already started to understand the importance of the dollar. Teach them how to invest and save. 

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Plastic Easter Eggs From N.E.T. Egg

Make sure to have fun this Easter with proper planning and great items to put in your plastic Easter eggs! Have questions? Contact N.E.T. Egg online or call toll-free 1-800-458-4116 for more information.

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