50 Fun Items You Can Put in Easter Eggs That Your Child Will Love

When many of us think of Easter, we think of Easter eggs, the Easter Bunny, and the chocolate or candy found inside. We are huge fans of candy, chocolate, and sweets, but some parents do what they can to avoid giving sweets — for health, religious, or a number of other reasons. Instead, N.E.T. egg offers toy-filled plastic Easter eggs and empty plastic eggs to our customers. The question remains, “What do I put in the empty easter eggs?” 

Today, the team at N.E.T. Egg would like to share a few ideas to fill your Easter eggs with gifts that your children will LOVE. 

Fun Easter Egg Fillers

  1. Quarters or coins
  2. Marbles
  3. Stickers
  4. Stick-on Tattoos
  5. Miniature Toy Cars
  6. Legos
  7. Hair Ribbons
  8. Bracelets
  9. Crayons
  10. Chapstick
  11. Hair Pins
  12. Balloons
  13. Plastic Jewelry
  14. Magnets
  15. Colorful Shoelaces
  16. Nail Stickers
  17. Keychains
  18. Earrings
  19. Nail Polish
  20. Bouncy Ball
  21. Jacks
  22. Dice
  23. Erasers
  24. Finger Puppets
  25. Puzzles
  26. Plastic Figurine
  27. Silly Putty
  28. Sticky Hands
  29. Fortunes
  30. Glow in the Dark Wall Stick-Ons
  31. Mini-Yo-Yo’s
  32. Spinning Tops
  33. Whistles
  34. Bubbles
  35. The Actual Ant-Man
  36. Googly Eyes
  37. Rubber Duckies
  38. Hacky Sacks
  39. Eye Patches
  40. Plastic Mustaches
  41. Troll
  42. Stress Ball
  43. Mineral Nugget
  44. Sidewalk Chalk
  45. Kazoo
  46. Vampire Teeth
  47. Comb
  48. Pop-Socket
  49. Lanyards
  50. Headband

As you can see, the choices to create a fun and memorable Easter for your children are nearly endless. Customize the prizes to their tastes. If your son loves painting, include mini painting supplies. Maybe your daughter loves music, so include iTunes gift cards. After all, much of the joy of hunting for Easter eggs comes with the search. Just the experience with family is what makes the memories so special.

Order Plastic Easter Eggs from N.E.T. Egg Today

If you are ready to make Easter a time to remember for your children, contact the team at N.E.T. Egg, or place an order online. Whatever you fill your eggs with, your children will surely enjoy the thrill of the hunt.

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