DIY Plastic Easter Egg Projects

N.E.T. Egg Plastic Easter Egg Projects

National Entertainment Technologies and NET Egg wish you and yours a Happy Easter for 2020! What can you do with leftover plastic Easter eggs after your kids collect them? Why, make crafts with them, of course! NET Egg explains some simple and fun DIY plastic Easter egg projects to upcycle your plastic eggs.


Ornaments are timely, no matter what time of year. Plastic Easter eggs look great on a Christmas tree, an indoor plant, in a doorway, or on an outdoor tree that’s just starting to bud. Decorate the eggs with stickers, markers, or child-safe paints. Use hot glue to fasten a loop of ribbon to the top part of the egg. The ribbon loop allows you to hang the egg on your tree of choice. 

Wobble Eggs

Wobble eggs sit upright thanks to a glob of non-hardening modeling clay in the bottom of the rounded part of each plastic Easter egg. Hot glue a couple of googly eyes onto the top part of the egg. The rest is up to your imagination. Cut strips of colored duct tape to make mouths, eyebrows, and stripes. Use markers for ears. Pipe cleaners are great for making 3-D arms. Consider yarn for hair. No matter how many times you try to knock these guys over, they tend to stand back up!

Floating Fish

Increase bathtime fun with a school of floating fish! Buy some colorful foam sheets. Trace patterns for fish fins and tails that are small enough to attach to the plastic Easter eggs. Cut out the patterns carefully. Then, use a hot glue gun (also, carefully) to attach the fins and tails to each egg. Googly eyes towards the front of the fish’s head, on the pointy end of the egg, complete the look.  

The fish will float in water due to the hollowness of the plastic Easter eggs. Place a glob of non-hardening modeling clay inside the egg on the belly of the fish so it will float upright.


Do your kids love to make noise? Have fun with some simple maracas! Fill some plastic Easter eggs halfway with popcorn kernels. Take two plastic spoons and cup the egg on either side. Cover the entire egg with white duct tape, and then decorate the tape with markers. Tape the two ends of the spoons together. Voila! You have simple maracas for your child’s makeshift band. 

Plastic Easter Eggs From NET Egg

Keep in mind to be careful when operating a hot glue gun. Another pro tip is that these decorations make great party favors for kid’s birthdays! Have questions? Contact NET Egg today or call toll-free 1-800-458-4116 for more information.

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