Easter Eggs: Coloring and Dyeing Tips and Tricks

N.E.T. Egg Easter Egg Dye

Dyeing Easter eggs is an annual tradition for households who celebrate one of the two biggest Christian holidays of the year. Your kids love watching the eggs turn colors, but they have even more fun finding the eggs on Easter morning! Today’s blog from NET Egg showcases some coloring and dyeing tips to make this process easier.

Prevent Cracking

Eggs may crack during the boiling process. Prevent this by adding a teaspoon of vinegar and tablespoon of salt to the boiling water. Vinegar keeps them from cracking, while the salt makes the eggs easier to peel later on. Another way to prevent cracked Easter eggs simply requires a lemon. Cut the lemon in half and rub it on each egg shell before boiling the eggs. 

Cool the Eggs Completely

After you hard boil the eggs, cool them completely. Accomplish this by putting them in an ice water bath for 10 minutes or putting them in the fridge. Cooling the eggs quickly preserves them for longer periods of time if your kids like to eat the hard boiled eggs later as a nutritious snack.


Forget store-bought dye kits. Make your own dye using ½ cup boiling water, ½ teaspoon white vinegar, and the food coloring of your choice. If you want all-natural colors, use plants. Boil grass for a green hue, onion skins for yellow or orange, and beets for pink. Eggplant works well for purple, and don’t forget about blueberries for a dark blue. If you plan to eat the Easter eggs, use organic plants rather than ones treated with fertilizers or pesticides.

Use Plastic Easter Eggs Instead

Perhaps the best pro tip for making dyed eggs easier is to go with plastic Easter eggs! Plastic eggs don’t leave behind a foul odor if kids can’t find them all (and you forgot where you hid that last egg). You can still have fun with the plastic eggs afterward when your kids find surprises inside, or you make crafts with them. Using plastic Easter eggs makes the week easier to manage when you have family gatherings to plan, shopping to do, and school breaks to manage.

NET Egg & Plastic Easter Eggs

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