25 Spooky Items to Put in Your Halloween Eggs

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Plastic eggs aren’t just for Easter! NET Egg has supplies for harvest eggs you can use at Halloween parties and gatherings. Harvest eggs arrive at your house empty and you can fill them, or we’ll send them to you filled with toys or candy. In today’s blog, NET Egg highlights 25 spooky items to put in your Halloween eggs that will make your kids gasp in surprise.

Fill Halloween Eggs With These Items

  1. Gummy worms
  2. Googly eyes
  3. Spherical eyeballs
  4. Green slime
  5. Plastic spider rings
  6. Halloween-themed stickers
  7. Candy pumpkins 
  8. Candy corn
  9. Chocolate pumpkins
  10. Orange balloon
  11. Black balloon
  12. Small plastic skulls
  13. Small plastic ghosts
  14. Orange and black spiders made of yarn
  15. Plastic bugs
  16. Small plastic bones
  17. Plastic pumpkins
  18. Orange and black jellybeans
  19. Felt bats
  20. Witches’ hats
  21. Black beans (hard, not cooked)
  22. Black and orange sprinkles
  23. Pumpkin seeds
  24. Set of plastic vampire’s fangs
  25. Felt pumpkins

Pro Tips

You don’t have to fill each Halloween egg completely for kids to enjoy what’s inside. Fill them halfway or with just one item. If you fill them with candy, use wrapped candy. That may not be possible with gummy worms, so make sure your kids don’t eat those worms. Avoid perishable foods, like apple pieces or pumpkin chunks. 

Enjoy Your Halloween Party

Halloween egg hunts elevate your Halloween party with hundreds of fun little surprises. Plus, no one expects to look for eggs during a Halloween party, so it’s a big surprise that leads to hundreds more! NET Egg’s plastic eggs glow in blacklight, which elevates your spooky fun even more. Our eggs look light orange and purple in ordinary light, and then the black light turns them blue and reddish-orange. 

Order Halloween Eggs From NET Egg

Easter eggs are fun for springtime, but Halloween eggs make harvest time even better! Order a batch of Halloween eggs from NET Egg, the premier supplier of plastic eggs for the United States. Contact NET Egg today or call toll-free 1-800-458-4116 for more details on our Halloween eggs!

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