5 Reasons to Use Plastic Harvest Eggs for Halloween

Harvest and Halloween eggs black light pumpkins

Looking to spice up the traditional Halloween or fall harvest party? You know plastic eggs at Easter are always a big hit, so why not plastic harvest eggs for Halloween? We’re gonna give you five reasons why you should use them. We’re pretty sure you’re going to love them so much, harvest eggs will become a fall family tradition. 

1. Get Older Kids Involved 

If you have kids who are too old to join in on a Halloween egg hunt, let them feel special by giving them the duty of official egg fillers. Once filled, they can be in charge of hiding. Or assign an older child to a younger one and let them help the younger one seek and find. This is a great way to not only involve them, but give them important responsibilities to care for others and understand sympathy while also playing the role of support, encouragement and problem solving. 

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2. New Challenge

Trick-or-treating is great, but what if it’s not an option? How about hosting a harvest egg hunt or a scavenger hunt? You can make this as creepy or fun as you want based on the age of the participants. 

Harvest Egg Hunt. This is just like the good ol’ traditional Easter egg hunt but with our special harvest eggs. Fill the eggs with great treats and let the fun begin. The one who finds the most, wins!

Scavenger Hunt. Divide the participants into groups and hand them a list of clues they have to find based on certain locations where eggs are hidden. Each egg will have another clue. The first team to find all the eggs wins. 

3. Decorations 

If you want to add some fun decorations that double as treats, these plastic eggs are for you! 

Hang filled eggs from the ceiling or branches. Kids can pull them down at the end of the night for a fun surprise. 

A glowing treat. Illuminate the night with eggs filled with battery-operated candles or small glow sticks. This will give off a beautiful glow both inside and out to set the mood for the night. 

Candle holders. Place tealights in the bottom half of the eggs and place on a table to act as part of the centerpiece. 

Pop of color. Place filled eggs around the room in bowls or nestled among other decorations to add a pop of color. 

4. Fun Fillers 

We know Halloween is all about the candy, but our harvest plastic eggs are a great way to deviate from sweets and add in a few fun things. 

Here are some stuffers we think your little ghouls are gonna love. 

  • Stickers, temporary tattoos
  • Jewelry 
  • Chapstick
  • Patches and pins for jackets and backpacks
  • Money 
  • Silly socks 

If it’s small enough to fit in a harvest plastic egg, the possibilities are endless. Here are some great uses for your harvest filled eggs: 

Party favors. You can give these away as party favors for the kids.

Trick-or-treaters. Hand out to little goblins and you will become known as ‘the house’ to go to every year. 

Hide-and-seek. Just like an Easter egg hunt, you can hide and send them to find. Because they illuminate with black light, these little treasures can glow in the dark and make the hunt even more spooky and fun.

Games. Trivia, charades, pictionary. Put different subjects in each egg. Place the egg in a bowl in the middle of the table. Each participant grabs an egg and reveals the subject and the game begins! 

Dirty Ghost game: fill the eggs with some amazing things and not-so amazing items. Partygoers choose an egg from a bowl, open and reveal. The rest of the group playing keeps going, open or steal, just like the traditional “Dirty Santa” game is played. 

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5. For Grown-Up Parties 

More than 170 million adults participated in Halloween in 2018. It’s become a billion-dollar holiday for those over 21. This year looks to be no different as social distancing begins to relax. Here are some harvest egg ideas we think you’re going to love for your adult Halloween party. 

Party Favors. It’s always fun to give your guests a party favor. It’s a great way of telling them you appreciate their friendship. Fill them with gift certificates, expensive chocolates or a nice thank you card. 

Jell-o shots. Fun different flavors and colors of jello can be filled in these and handed out to guests. 

Appetizers. Looking for a new way to offer tasty bites? Fill these with chex mix, nuts, dips, or cheese cubes and place around the buffet. 

Music. Put song names in each egg and throw in a bowl. Guests can pick an egg and reveal the song. It can either be the next song everyone dances to or the one song for karaoke. 

Games. Dirty ghost, trivia, or charades, pick your poison and fill the eggs with questions, answers or gifts. This will be a new way to play that your guests are sure to talk about until next Halloween. 

Filled Harvest Eggs From N.E.T. Egg

No time to fill the eggs on your own? That’s okay! We offer pre-filled eggs that are sure to please the little ghouls in your life. Contact N.E.T. Egg online or call toll-free 1-800-458-4116 for more information.

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