Top 10 Places for Easter Eggs: Outdoors

Best Outdoor Spots to Hide Easter Eggs

If you celebrated Easter as a child, you probably remember the excitement and anticipation of searching for treats during the family Easter egg hunt. Now, if you’re like most parents, you want to carry on the tradition of egg hunting and see your kids have a great time.

Have you planned out some new hiding spots this year? With a little creativity, you can test your kids’ skills and make the annual Easter egg hunt more fun. Read on for the top 10 places to hide Easter eggs outdoors, brought to you by the eggs-perts at National Entertainment Technologies, Inc!

1) In the Mailbox

Since Easter falls on a Sunday, egg hunters won’t think about checking the mail. Hide an egg or two in your mailbox and wait to see how the kids respond.

2) In Gutter Downspouts

The gutter is one of the last places your kids would egg-spect! Ordinary home features such as gutters and downspouts often get overlooked.

3) In the Flower Bed

If you live in a warmer climate with plenty of blooming flowers, hide a few eggs in the flower bed among the colorful foliage. The colorful eggs will blend in for extra fun hunting.

4) Under the Steps

Hiding eggs underneath the porch or patio steps can work for egg-hunters all ages. It isn’t the most challenging hiding spot to find, so this is a good one to get the hunt started!

5) In a Bike or Sports Helmet

Find a bike or baseball helmet in the garage and place a couple of eggs there. You can hang the helmet on the handlebar of the bike or on its typically spot on the wall. The kids may not think to check.

6) On Top of Car Tires

This spot is best for older kids or even adults who want to participate. Make sure your car parked somewhere safe, away from other cars. An egg hiding on top of a car tire could the most difficult of all to find.

7) Behind a Picnic Table Leg

If you have a picnic table in the backyard (or any table with four legs), use it to hide an egg. Keep the egg behind and as close to the table leg as possible.

8) In the Cushion of a Patio Chair

For a classic hiding spot, place an egg on the rear corner of a cushion or patio chair. Have your family members and guests stand up while they watch the egg hunters, so nobody sits on the hidden egg.

9) Inside the Barbecue Grill

As long as you don’t need to use the barbeque grill on Easter Sunday, this would be an egg-cellent hiding spot!  

10) Within an Empty Birdbath

Birds may spend a lot of time in the birdbath, but they’ll lay eggs in a nest instead. Turn up the fun by hiding a prized egg within an empty birdbath.

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