Tips for a Candy-Free Easter Egg Hunt

Tips for a Candy-Free Easter Egg Hunt

Planning an Easter egg hunt can be hard! And planning it around allergies, healthy living, and sugar can be even harder. But have no fear, the egg-sperts at National Entertainment Technologies inc. have cracked the egg! We have come up with a list of fun and wallet-friendly things to stuff in your empty eggs from National Entertainment Technologies Inc. this year, including a hassle-free solution from our egg-celent team!


It doesn’t have to be much, but finding a few coins in an easter egg can make any child’s Easter egg hunt into an alternatively sweet surprise! And if you’re feeling generous, try hiding a dollar bill or something larger for the grand prize.

Friendly Snacks

If your Easter egg hunters have allergies, or you just don’t think candy is the best idea, there are many snack alternatives that will fit nicely into any empty egg and are likely put a smile on any kid’s face. Here’s a list of snacks that are friendly for anyone from the health-conscious to the gluten-free.

Gluten-Free Pretzel Sticks

Organic Fruit Snacks




Dried Fruit

Fruit Roll-Ups

Trail Mix

Dress-Up Accessories

Get ready for an Easter themed fashion show! A pair of clip-on earrings, a folded pair of white dress-up gloves, a costume necklace, a bejeweled bracelet, or a new tube of lipstick are the perfect accessory and empty egg stuffer for the fashionistas in your life.


A simple piece of paper that will make your Easter egg hunters chuckle can be worth way more than those sugar-filled bites. Instead of a toy filled egg or a candy filled egg, fill their bellies with laughter and write down your favorite jokes or draw a funny comic.

Crafting Supplies

Give the artists in your life some inspiration with a couple of new crayons, a small bottle of glitter or sequins, or a handful of googly eyes for them to incorporate into their next masterpiece.

Hassle-Free N.E.T. Toy Filled Eggs

Stuffing eggs don’t fit into your busy schedule? We understand and have the perfect solution for you! Our Toy Filled Eggs come in a variety of colors and are filled with one of 15 different toys from jumping frogs to pictures of puppies. Relax this Easter and order 250 or 1000 toy filled eggs shipped free to your door in 1-2 business days from National Entertainment Technologies, INC.!

Give us a call at (800) 458-4116 or order your Toy Filled Eggs Online. Check out all the eggs we have to offer today!

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