Top 10 Places for Easter Eggs: Indoors

Best Inside Spots for Hiding Easter Eggs

If you’re planning an Easter egg hunt, you know that young kids like a fun challenge. While there may be more space outdoors to hide eggs, it’s important to have a backup plan in case of bad weather. Today, the eggs-perts at National Entertainment Technologies, Inc. have prepared a list of creative indoor hiding places that are great for kids of all ages. After you’ve decided how many eggs will be hidden, enjoy hiding your festive gems in any of the following spots.

1) Inside a Cereal Box

For a really challenging hiding spot, go to the pantry and drop an egg in a cereal box or two. Unless your kids are hungry and want cereal for breakfast, it could take them hours to find the final egg.

2) In the Dishwasher

The dishwasher is a safe appliance to hide Easter eggs in the kitchen. You can place them into the silverware basket.

3) Inside an Egg Carton

Find an actual egg carton in the fridge and sneak in an egg or two. The kids could overlook it and continue to search elsewhere. If the kids don’t find it, offer them “special scrambled eggs”!

4) In the Fruit Basket

If you have a fruit basket on the kitchen table, consider hiding a few eggs in there. The orange, green, and yellow eggs will blend in perfectly with a mix of oranges, bananas, apples, and pears.

5) Inside a Shoe

From stylish boots to casual sneakers, everyone has a pile of shoes in their home. Your kids likely dump their shoes by the garage door, so hide a few eggs there. This hiding spot will not be too difficult for younger kids to find.

6) By the Toothbrush Holder

A plastic egg could blend into the background of a toothbrush holder, especially if the color of the egg matches the color of their toothbrush. It’s in plain view, but the kids may walk right past!

7) In an Empty Coffee Mug

You may have a coffee mug out in the open, but kids may not suspect it as a hiding location. If your mugs are tucked away in cabinets, they will have to go on a search to reach the egg, adding to the challenge.

8) Under a Lampshade

See how clever your kids are with this tricky hiding spot. Remove the lightbulb from a lamp and replace it with an Easter egg. For safety reasons, always unplug the lamp first.

9) In a Sweater Pocket

It’s a good idea to mix in some challenging hiding spots with easier ones. Hide an egg in the pocket of a sweater hanging in the laundry room. It might take eggs-tra time for them to notice.

10) On Bookshelves

Last but not least, move a couple of books around and place an egg between them. Your kids might want to start reading again if you put an egg next to their favorite book.

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