Five Great Benefits of Using Plastic Eggs Over Real Eggs

Colorful plastic Easter eggs

Easter has some fun traditions, one of them being Easter eggs. We put them in baskets, hunt for them, and fill them with surprises and treats.


If you are trying to decide what kind of eggs to use this year, then N.E.T. Egg is here to explain the benefits of using plastic eggs over real eggs.

Plastic Eggs Don’t Have to Be Decorated

Plastic eggs can come in a multitude of colors and designs right out of the package. You can buy color-coordinated eggs to match baskets and decorations, and they don’t need any altering. You don’t have to boil them or deal with messy egg dyes. If you are on a time constraint, then buying plastic eggs is the way to go.


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Plastic Eggs Are Less Messy

Little kids and real eggs always have a chance of being a messy combination. Eggs must be hardboiled before you decorate them with either Crayons, paint, or food-grade dye. Egg dye can also stain hands, clothing, and surfaces so you and your kids should use it carefully.

Plastic Eggs Can Be Filled With Candy

One of the best things about plastic eggs is that you can fill them with candy. Feel free to use plastic eggs for egg hunts, as Easter basket fillers, or just general Easter fun. And the fillers don’t have to be candy or sweets. Kids love finding eggs filled with coins, stickers, temporary tattoos, and other small toys.


You Can Reuse Plastic Eggs

Unlike real eggs, plastic eggs don’t have a shelf life. You can save them and reuse them for decorations, crafts, games, or simply put them away until next Easter.


Kids can use plastic eggs to decorate with stickers or paint and use them to play their own hiding and guessing games.


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You Can Order Plastic Eggs Online

N.E.T. Egg offers bulk orders of plastic eggs shipped right to your door. Our plastic eggs can come pre-filled with candy or toys, or they can be ordered empty and ready to be stuffed with your personal goodies.


Keep your Easter egg hunt simple this year by ordering pre-filled eggs delivered straight to your door and ready for hiding! Order early so you’ll be ready in time.

Plastic Easter Eggs From N.E.T. Egg

N.E.T. Egg sells bulk empty plastic eggs with free shipping right to your door. Contact N.E.T. Egg online or call toll-free 1-800-458-4116 for more information.

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