The Best Indoor Easter Egg Hiding Spots

Plastic eggs in an Easter basket

Everyone loves a good outdoor Easter egg hunt. But sometimes due to preference or weather, you have to move them inside. The good news is that an indoor Easter egg hunt can be just as fun as an outdoor one if you get creative with it.


N.E.T. Egg has great ideas for indoor Easter egg hiding spots for both younger and older kids!

Hiding Places for Younger Kids

Younger kids love to find eggs, but the locations may need to be a bit more obvious. It will be easier for them to find Easter eggs at their eye level or lower, and it might be good to use brightly colored eggs to help them stand out a bit.


Some fun hiding places include:


  • Under the couch
  • Inside a shoe
  • Under a pillow
  • On the couch
  • Under a toy
  • On a stuffed animal’s lap
  • Under a rug
  • In a cup
  • Inside a playhouse
  • On a chair


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Hiding Places for Older Kids

For older kids, you can make it a little more difficult, and find some hiding places that take some thought on their part. You might even make it like a scavenger hunt. Be sure to count how many eggs you hide beforehand so you know when they have all been found.


Some ideas include:


  • Under a couch cushion
  • In a real egg carton in the fridge
  • In a cereal box
  • In a fruit bowl
  • On top of the cabinet
  • In the icebox
  • Behind a book on the bookshelf
  • In a coffee mug
  • Behind the TV
  • Inside a shoe
  • In a pet food dish
  • In a plant
  • In the laundry basket
  • In the washer or dryer
  • Inside the dishwasher
  • In a kitchen drawer
  • On top of a picture on the wall
  • In a coat pocket

How to Have an Indoor Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

A fun thing you could do for an indoor Easter egg hunt is turn it into a scavenger hunt. Write a hint for the first egg’s location so they can try and find it. Once they find the first egg they can open it and find the clue for the next egg inside. 


It will take a little planning on your part but it is a great way to make it more fun for older kids who may feel a bit “old” for the traditional Easter egg hunt. The final egg can have a prize, like candy, money, or a gift certificate. This is also a great way to utilize those indoor Easter egg hiding spots, and maybe discover a few of your own!


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