Easter Egg Toys: 10 Toys That Make Great Fillers

Toy chick inside Easter egg

Candy is great and has its place, but sometimes it’s fun to fill eggs with toys. Easter egg hunts featuring toys can help reduce the amount of sugar children will fill up on, and can help include those kids with allergies or medical issues.


To help you out, N.E.T. Egg has compiled a list of 10 toys that can make great Easter egg fillers.


Small, colorful erasers are great if you need a lot of toys because you can buy them in bulk fairly cheaply. They can come in many shapes and sizes as well as animal or popular character designs.

Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are another option, and they’re cheap when you buy them in bulk. Kids love the idea of tattoos because they also love stickers. Look for Easter-themed ones or kinds that feature popular kids characters.


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Balloons are a hit for kids of all ages. Younger kids may need adult assistance to inflate the balloons. Shop for thicker punching balloons designed for heavy-duty use. 

Sticky Hands

Children also love sticky hands, sticky balls, or any other sticky shapes. Kids love to splat them against the wall and watch them stick.


Squishies are small foam animals, shapes, or characters people squeeze and then reinflate. They are soft and entertaining for kids of all ages.

Bouncy Balls

Bouncy balls represent a classic toy that kids always love. They come in all kinds of designs, sizes, and colors, and they are reasonably inexpensive. Be sure your egg hunters are not too young because the balls could be a choking hazard for small children.

Mini Poppers

Poppers are a recent fad, and your child probably has one. They are soft, rubbery shapes that have poppable “bubbles” built into them that your child can pop back and forth. They are a great fidget toy. Poppers come in bracelets, and they are small enough to fit in an egg. 


Kids love stickers. You can get some with virtually anything on them. If you have a large number of eggs to fill, you can get a lot of stickers fairly cheap.


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Plastic Animals

Kids love plastic miniature animals, bugs, characters, or anything small enough to fit in an egg. Any small plastic toys are great for kids, provided smaller toddlers don’t have a choking hazard.

Silly Putty

Silly Putty usually comes in very small egg-shaped containers. It’s a fun option for older kids. Putty, slime, and anything of that nature has the potential to get messy and stain clothing, so keep this in mind.

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