Fun Activities to Have at Your Easter Egg Hunt

Group of kids looking for plastic Easter eggs outside

The egg hunt is clearly the highlight of your Easter gathering, but if you are looking for additional activities for kids to participate in after (or before) the hunt, N.E.T. Egg has some great ideas. 

Sack Race

Have a starting and finish line for kids to do sack races across the grass. This is a silly activity that often gets kids laughing and helps them get that excess energy out. If you don’t have sacks, you can use large pillowcases.

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Bean Bag Toss

The bean bag toss is a popular game and can be played in teams or just one child at a time trying to get their best score. If you want to make it a bit more Easter themed, you can use plastic bean-filled eggs instead of bean bags. Be sure to tape them closed, or they are likey to burst open on impact.

Face Painting

A face painting station is fun for kids, big and small, and is a great way to pass the time while they wait for another activity.

Scavenger Hunt

Create a fun scavenger hunt where kids have to look for items on the list and mark them off when they find them. You can hide Easter-themed items or signs or have them look for nature-related items, like a certain type of tree or plant.

Craft Station

A craft station is fun for younger kids who might not enjoy some of the other activities yet. You can include crayons and Easter-themed coloring sheets and have egg pictures for kids to decorate their own Easter eggs with glitter, glue, stickers, and other fun decorations.

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Have kids play games of charades with Easter-themed topics. You can have the person draw a plastic egg out of a basket with a topic inside and either act it out or draw it for others to guess.

Sidewalk Chalk

If you are hosting your hunt in an area with sidewalks or concrete, set up a place where kids can use sidewalk chalk to make some beautiful Easter art. You can even set up games of tic-tac-toe.


Kids love bubbles, so having a bubble machine or an area where they can blow bubbles themselves is always a hit. You can fill a small plastic pool with bubble solution and use a hula hoop to create giant bubbles, or have kids stand in the center and make a bubble around them.

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