Fun Crafts to Do With Leftover Plastic Eggs

Basket full of plastic aster eggs

The egg hunts are over, but now you have a bunch of plastic eggs! What can you do with them? N.E.T. Egg has some great ideas for reusing plastic eggs for fun crafts with kids!

Musical Shakers

Turn your leftover eggs into maracas! All you need are empty plastic eggs, something to put in them, like dry beans, beads, even dry macaroni noodles, and duct tape. Simply fill the empty eggs with your beans (or whatever you choose) and use the tape to seal the eggs shut. Make sure they are secure, or after a few good shakes the egg could pop open.

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Kids love an opportunity to get creative with painting. Get paper, washable paints, and plastic Easter egg halves. Pour some paint onto a paper plate, and let kids dip the egg halves in the paint to create shapes and animals on their papers. This makes for easy cleanup as well since the plates can be tossed out, and paint can be easily washed up.

Decorate the Eggs

Let kids have fun with craft items and decorate the eggs. You can use stickers, paint, or dip the eggs in glue, then roll them in glitter. You can also use glue to attach googly eyes, gems, beads, or anything else you have on hand.

Egg Wreath

This one may take a little help from adults depending on the materials used. Get a Styrofoam wreath form and use hot glue to cover it in plastic eggs. The result will be a wreath made entirely of colorful eggs. If kids want, they can decorate the eggs beforehand with paint and glitter, as described above.

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Seed Planters

Plastic egg halves make the perfect little seed-starting pots. Let your kids fill the halves with dirt, and put a seed down in each one. You can use old egg cartons to hold the planters stable while the plants begin to sprout. Children can water their seeds and watch as the plant sprouts through the surface. Once it is big enough, it can be repotted or moved to a garden.

Plastic Easter Eggs From N.E.T. Egg

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