Five Classroom Activities With Plastic Eggs

Kid holding open plastic Easter egg

Kids love plastic Easter eggs because they are colorful and fun to play with. A great way to utilize empty plastic eggs is for learning activities in the classroom. N.E.T. Egg has five great ways to use plastic eggs in the classroom.

1.) Coin Sorting

This is a great way to help kids practice their coin values and counting money. Write an amount in a black Sharpie marker on the outside of the plastic egg. Kids then have to find the correct coins that total that amount and put them inside the egg. For example, if the egg has $.50 written on the outside, students must fill it with coins that total $.50, like two quarters or five dimes.


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2.) Math Equations

On one half of the plastic egg, write a math equation with a Sharpie marker, for example, 3 + 4. On the other half, write the answer. Scramble the tops and bottoms so that students have to solve the equation to match the tops and bottoms. This is great because the difficulty can be tailored to any grade level.


3.) Egg Painting

Let kids get crafty and have some fun. All you need is paper, washable paint, and plastic eggs. Let students create beautiful works of art by dipping the plastic eggs, or egg halves, in paint and making pictures with them. 

4.) Sink or Float

Fill a container with water and challenge students to find something to fill their plastic eggs with that will cause them to sink in water. They can use anything, like rocks, small weights, beans, rice, tiny sponges, paper wads, or anything you have on hand. Teach kids about buoyancy and have them guess how many of a certain object it will take to sink the egg.


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5.) Word Work

There are a number of different word activities you can do with plastic eggs depending on the grade level and what students are currently studying. Write one word on the top of the egg and one on the bottom half, and let students match up the correct combinations. 


Some fun matches include:


  • Upper and lowercase letters
  • Opposites
  • Rhyming words
  • Words and their corresponding syllables
  • Words and their definition
  • Synonyms and antonyms

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