Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Older Kids

Older kid smiles and holds plastic Easter egg

It’s frustrating when kids hit that age where they feel Easter egg hunts are too easy and that they feel too old to participate. Luckily, N.E.T. Egg has some fun ideas to make Easter egg hunts fun for older kids.

Blindfolded Egg Hunts

This can be done in teams of two or more, and the children can take turns being blindfolded. To start, have one child put on a blindfold, and the other, or others, use voice clues to help lead them to an egg.

This can be made into several different games, with various rules depending on location. Have teams collect all the eggs of a certain color, and the team members must direct the blindfolded child to the egg to pick it up. You can make it as hard or easy as needed, and it can get incredibly silly.

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Easter Egg Bingo

Make a bingo card for each child, with each space being a different type or category of an egg. When they get all the spaces in a row, they get to yell “Bingo!” and win a prize.

Some different options for spaces include:

  • Find an egg of a certain color
  • Find an egg with a certain pattern
  • Find an egg with a certain kind of candy inside
  • Find an egg with a certain color sticker or token inside

An easy way to do it might be to get stickers, and when the kids find a particular sticker in an egg, they can stick it directly to the Bingo card.

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunts

For this, kids can work individually or as a team. Start with a scavenger hunt clue leading to the first egg, which then contains the next clue. Eventually, at the end, they will find a golden egg or prize of some sort. This is another one you can make as difficult or as easy as you need, depending on the age group.

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Night Time Hunts

This can be really fun for older kids. Take glow bracelets or some other kind of glowing item, and place them inside the plastic eggs. Hide the eggs around the area, and wait for it to get dark. Send the kids out with a basket and a small flashlight to have fun searching for glowing eggs.

Team Egg Hunts

Make teams of kids and give them each a certain color of plastic egg to find. Hide all the eggs across a large area, like a park, and let the kids work together to find all their team’s eggs. The first team to find all of their eggs wins.

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