Harvest Eggs: Halloween Decorations With Empty Easter Eggs

Harvest Eggs Empty Easter Eggs N.E.T. Egg

Easter is the most eggs-cellent time of year. Kids love finding brightly colored eggs, talking eggs-citedly about bunnies and baby chicks, and eating delicious candy they find in their Easter basket. Did you know you can repurpose plastic Easter eggs as harvest eggs for Halloween? N.E.T. Egg explains how to make Halloween decorations for empty Easter eggs.


Plastic Easter eggs are round enough to make eyeballs, no matter what color they are. Take a white piece of paper and cut out a small circle. Attach short, black threads along the edge for eyelashes, then draw a black circle in the middle for a pupil. Tape or glue this piece of paper to either end of the Easter egg.


Halloween’s colors are orange and black. But fun yet scary spiders can be any color with plastic Easter eggs. If you want, spray paint the plastic eggs you have on hand with black spray paint suitable for plastic. Make sure to do this outside in a well-ventilated area. Cut black pipe cleaners into 2-inch pieces, and bend them at 45-degree angles. Then attach eight legs to an egg using a hot glue gun. Paint on some eyes, or glue on two googly eyes, before painting on a smile for the mouth. 


Jack-o’-lanterns normally come in orange, which means spray painting your eggs orange (again, only if you want to do so, but it’s not necessary). Cut out black pieces of paper for the eyes, nose, and mouth of the jack-o’-lanterns. Make the facial parts all the same shapes or differ them for variety. Create pumpkins that are silly because young kids love silly stuff!


Ghosts are typically white. This is when you use plastic Easter eggs merely for the shape of each ghost. Cut out white pieces of fabric to drape over one half of a plastic egg. Poke a small hole where the top of the ghost will be. Hot glue a piece of thread to the top of the egg, and run the thread through the hole in the white cloth. Draw two eyes and a mouth on the ghost with a marker, or hot glue a pair of googly eyes and fabric for the mouth. Tie the loose end of the thread to a dowel to make it appear as if the ghost is suspended in mid-air. Repeat this process for as many ghosts as you want to create.

Plastic Easter Eggs as Harvest Eggs by N.E.T. Egg

Feel free to turn plastic Easter eggs from N.E.T. Egg into harvest eggs using your craft skills! Kids love the fun creations, plus they get to help you make their own unique designs. Contact N.E.T. Egg or call 1-800-458-4116 for more eggs-cellent details on our plastic Easter eggs, toy-filled eggs, or candy-filled eggs.

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