Here Are Some Crafts and Activities You Can Do With Easter Eggs

Circular Easter egg frame ornament

Easter Egg Ideas: Thinking Outside the Box on Easter Morning

Has the tradition of an Easter egg hunt left you longing for new egg-citement? Are you searching for different ways to use Easter eggs? With a little imagination and creativity, you can deliver a fun morning of crafts, games, and decorations that your kids will love. Today’s blog post is brought to you by the egg-sperts at National Entertainment Technologies, Inc. Join us as we think outside the box.

Create a Picture Frame

After taking their photo with the Easter bunny, help your kids create the ultimate picture frame. Start by gluing halves of eggs around an open structure and decorate it as much as you want.

Host an Egg Race

An egg race is a fun activity where kids can display their balance, coordination, and speed. The children will put a plastic egg on a spoon and race to one end of the yard and back. If the egg drops, they are out. While people typically race with real eggs, you can fill plastic eggs with water, dirt, or sand to weigh them down.

Make Easter Egg Teacups

If your kids like to have make-believe tea parties, they will enjoy this fun craft. Together, you can make little teacups out of plastic egg halves. First, attach a button base to an egg half with hot glue. Then, use glue dots to add ribbons, beads, or other decorations. It’s tea time!

Build Stackable Patterns

Another activity for the kids is to use egg halves to make various patterns. Stack the plastic shells like a tower and see who has the tallest one.

Have a Puppet Show

Kids love puppet shows. Have them use a sharpie or paint pen to decorate eggs with faces. Then, glue craft sticks to the egg and begin a puppet show.

Make an Instrument

Here’s how you can turn an egg into a percussion instrument. Measure two teaspoons of rice and place them inside a plastic egg. Use electrical tape to tape the two halves together and cover that with Washi decorative tape. Shake the egg to hear the sound!

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