How to Use Empty Eggs for Easter Decorations

Easter eggs decorative composition

Ways to Use Empty Eggs in Your Easter Decorations

Easter is a special day to celebrate, enjoy family time, and eat chocolate bunnies. Part of this celebration involves decorating your home, but you don’t need real Easter eggs to have an authentic style and spirit. You can reuse empty plastic eggs for many home DIY decorations, and they’re less messy than real eggs. Today, N.E.T. Egg explains some ways to use empty eggs in your Easter decorations. We recommend using the craft supplies that you have around the house before you head to the store.

Make a Plastic Egg Wreath

You may only think of a wreath as a Christmas decoration, but it can be great for Easter as well. You can make a colorful Spring wreath using N.E.T. eggs, hot glue, ribbons, and a styrofoam wreath form of any size. As you glue the eggs around your wreath, keep the glue warm, but not so hot that it melts the foam. Place the eggs closely together, so they fit tightly. When you finish, let the wreath dry and hang it on your front door!  

Use Plastic Eggs to Paint Paper Designs

If you have a toddler or preschooler, this will be a fun project for them. Gather some tempera paint, plastic Easter eggs, white paper, and paper plates. Have your child open the plastic eggs and dip each half into the paint. The tips of the egg halves act as a paint brush. Then, let the creative juices flow by making circle patterns, stamps, and lines on the white paper. You can proudly hang your son or daughter’s artwork on a bulletin board or your refrigerator when finished.  

Hang Plastic Eggs from Pieces of Ribbon

For other Easter decor, tape ribbon pieces to the insides of the empty egg and hang them. You could also tie yarn through a hole in the top or bottom of the egg. Try some different approaches to see which one you prefer. Some ideas include using a mantel garland or a tree branch and hang it outdoors.

Call N.E.T. Egg Today for Your Empty Eggs

Make this Easter the best one yet with plastic Easter eggs from N.E.T. Egg. Our empty eggs are available in 6 different multi-color combinations, and they’re FDA approved and lead-free. We assure you that you’ll get a safe, top-notch product. Call (800) 458-4116 to order your empty eggs today!  

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