What Are Some Fun Easter Activities Beyond the Egg Hunt?

Young woman painting Easter eggs on color background

Six Fun Easter Sunday Activities from N.E.T. Egg

Are you looking for fun Easter Sunday activities besides the usual egg hunt? We’ve created a list of fun things that families and kids of all ages can enjoy. Check out today’s list from N.E.T. Egg!

Count Jelly Beans

Have everyone guess how many jellybeans are in a jar. Whoever gets closest to the right amount wins a special prize. This classic counting game gets the whole family involved!

Decorate Easter Eggs

Painting and decorating eggs is another common Easter tradition for families. Children enjoy decorating the eggs as much as they like to hunt for them. Your kids can use paint pens to decorate real Easter eggs or use a paintbrush to create patterns on plastic eggs.

Take a Picture With the Easter Bunny

The costume may not be as famous as Santa Claus’, but you should still take a picture of your kids with the Easter bunny. It’ll be fun for them to look back on it years later. You can find an Easter bunny event near you or have a family member dress up on the big day.

Read Children’s Books

If the rain keeps you inside this Easter, sit down with your kids and read them a children’s book. You can read them your favorite Dr. Seuss book or one about the Easter bunny or the Spring season. The more fun pictures the better!

Give and Enjoy Easter Baskets

It’s typical for families to give Easter baskets for Easter, filled with eggs and different types of candy: chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, and peeps. Your child will love receiving an Easter basket, but watch out for a sugar overload! You can also teach kids to express kindness and put a gift basket together for a neighbor or relative. Get creative with your basket ingredients to make this a fun activity.

Plan a Festive Easter Meal

No special day is complete without a family feast. You can plan a mid-day brunch or a festive Easter dinner, depending on your schedule. You can have your kids help out in the kitchen to make everyone’s favorite desserts.

Order Your Easter Eggs from N.E.T. Egg

An Easter egg hunt is a memorable family tradition, but plastic eggs can be placed in Easter baskets and used for other fun activities. If you haven’t made plans for Easter, there’s still time. Whether you’re looking for Easter eggs filled with candy or empty Easter eggs to fill yourself, N.E.T. Egg is your solution. Call 1-800-458-4116 to order your Easter eggs today!

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