Celebrate Fall with Candy-Filled Harvest Eggs

Celebrate Fall with Candy-Filled Harvest Eggs

Fall is filled with festivities that make the season so enjoyable. Being outside with friends and family in nice, cool weather makes any activity more fun! Fall brings beautiful colors, cool nights, and warm fires. Why not add another element to your traditional festivities?

Harvest eggs make a great addition to any fall event, making it fun for kids and adults alike. These little plastic eggs come empty or with a surprise piece of candy or toy in every egg! Here are some ideas for how harvest eggs can make your traditional festivities even better from N.E.T. Egg!


Halloween time brings so many opportunities to use these fun harvest eggs. Fill your candy basket with candy-filled harvest eggs to surprise Trick or Treaters! Whether you are giving candy out to a princess, a mummy, or a pirate, they will love the gift inside. These candy-filled harvest eggs will make a great addition to any fall festivity, from halloween parties to large church or school events like Trunk or Treat!


Hayrides are a fall tradition unlike any other. With harvest eggs, you can turn a traditional hayride into an event where these candy-filled eggs are hidden at several stops along the ride. Hiding eggs along the hayride path can make a fun egg-sperience where the kids can hop out and explore. At the end of the ride, they can see what mystery lies within the plastic eggs.

Corn Maze

A corn maze can definitely be hard to find your way out of! Imagine scattering the maze with these candy-filled eggs to add another aspect to the fall tradition. Along with the surprise candy inside, you can include clues or hints that help you find your way out. Finding these eggs scattered throughout the maze can give a sense of hope to the lost and help to put them back on the right track. Not to mention, the candy inside will give them a little rush of sugar to help finish the maze!

Apple Picking

Apple orchards are a great place for hiding these fun eggs. While you are picking apples, make sure to look around to see if anything else is hidden in the tree. Finding these little candy-filled eggs will be a surprise your guests were not egg-specting! Make sure to fill your apple basket to the brim with apples and harvest eggs!

Check Out Our Egg-celent Options

National Entertainment Technologies offers themed harvest eggs that are perfect for any fall festivity. These candy-filled harvest eggs will help to add a new tradition to your events. We want to make your school, church, or personal events even more fun than they already were. To order your harvest eggs call us at 1(800) 458-4116 or order directly from our website!

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